Panasonic Lumix GM is the world's smallest Micro Four Thirds camera


Panasonic has announced the Lumix GM, an ultra compact 16MP Micro Four Thirds camera, which will be released in Japan in late November.

"This camera uses the same sensor and engine as the GX7 which was released last month. The GX' features extremely high image quality and has received various awards around the world. We have packed the high image quality of the GX7 into this camera."

"The compact body is made of magnesium alloy, giving it a very robust feeling."

The GM features a completely redesigned shutter mechanism, integrating a motor instead of a spring, reducing the size of the mechanism by 80%. Also, by optimizing the layout of the electronic components on the circuit board they were also able to reduce the size of the circuit board by 30%.

The size of the lens has also been reduced and can retract when the camera is not being used.

"The ring of the lens has been knurled along two angles, with the leading edge featuring a diamond cut which shines in the light and adds a considerable high grade finish to the lens."

"I believe we are targeting two large types of user with this camera. The first is amateur or professional photographers who would use this as their sub camera for everyday use, so we are definitely targeting the professional and prosumer markets. The other is users with refined taste, people who wish to enrich their lifestyle with quality products and are confident in their own sense of style."

Source by Panasonic