Tokyo Metropolis: 36 Million Human Beings as Seen from Above (VIDEO)

Tokyo Metro Area -

The Largest Agglomeration of Human Beings. Ever.
Japan’s population is declining, but spending a little time in Tokyo, amongst the 36-38 million people who inhabit the greater metropolitan area, would make anyone a bit dubious. Tokyo seethes with activity, and it is far and away the largest city in the world, and far and away the largest in human history. Estimates and the means of counting do vary, but there’s absolutely no doubt that Tokyo has at least 10 million more residents than the next largest metro area on earth.

To really grasp this, some comparative perspective is in order: for Asian relevance, consdider that the population of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area is equal to that of Seoul and Beijing - combined. Or, for those in North America, consider that Japan and California cover about the same land area (Japan’s about 10% smaller), yet Tokyo’s population, that of one massive city, is equal to the number of Angelenos, San Diegans, San Franciscans, and all the rest of the Californians - combined.

Tokyo: Our Big, Beautiful Supercity!
We love it here, and from time to time, it’s important to stand back and consider it as a whole; to sincerely inhabit a moment of awe, and marvel at the truly monumental achievements in human technology that keep this the very clean, very safe, and hyper-efficient metropolis that it is.

Visiting the observatory located in Shinjuku ward's Metropolitan Government building, looking northeast, and shooting an HD video for the internet - well, that’s a pretty good way to appreciate it all; from 45 stories / 202 meters / 663 feet above street level, there's nothing but city extending into the horizon.

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