Fujifilm - FUJIFILM XQ1 - the lightest in the X series, with 0.06 seconds AF speed!


Fujifilm's new compact digital camera "FUJIFILM XQ1", which will be released on November 23, has a palm-sized compact body and it's the lightest in their X series.

It features a new image sensor "X-Trans CMOS II" (12 million effective pixels), new image processor "EXT Processor II" and "Lens Modulation Optimizer" technology that reduces the impact of diffraction to optimize results. It takes only 0.99 seconds for start-up, 0.015 seconds for shutter time lag, and 0.3 seconds for shoot duration.

The lens is a Fujinon F1.8 lens with a 4× optical zoom that covers 25mm-100mm focal length.

Price: About ¥45,000
Color: Black, Silver
Size: 100 x 58.5 x 33.3 mm
Weight: 187g (only the body)