Thanko - Transform your room into a gym with your own bicycle


It has been a while since I have written something from my favorite Website, Thanko.

Thanko's new trainer can transform your bicycle into a training bicycle by setting it to the rear wheel.  This is nothing new and cutting edge, but I want it!

It's compatible with any bicycle that has tires from 26 inch to 700cc. You are still able to work out in a rainy day even while watching TV or movies.

And it is really quiet!! Sound generated by the workout is as loud as the sound from a vacuum cleaner so you don't really need to be worried about your neighbors.

If you live in a condominium building or apartment, people who live on the floor below might be able to hear your training sound, so Thanko recommends preparing some kind of insulation.

Price: ¥16,800
Size of main unit:  (at the time of use) W545xH380xD550mm, 6100g
                    (when it's folded) W525xH450xD190mm
Size of fixed base for front wheel: W120xH55xD230mm, 200g