Next generation IGZO MEMS display features 10x higher light efficiency


This next generation IGZO MEMS display has been developed by a collaboration between Sharp and Qualcomm subsiduary Pixtronics.

Microscopic MEMS shutters which opens and close are used to control the output of light from the red, green, blue and white LEDs which make up each pixel. By using this system, the display features high levels of brightness and color reproduction in any environment, and significantly lowers power consumption.

"When compared to existing LCD panels, a color filter and polarizing plate are not used, so there is no light attenuation and the light can be used effectively. The light from the backlight reaches the users eyes directly with high color purity and brightness. "

The light utilization factor is ten times greater, so it is possible to create modes which have an emphasis on color reproduction or low power consumption.

Also, by using IGZO as the semiconductor material for the thin film transistors, the display can be used in a wide temperature range, and even in extremely cold conditions.

"As this is a completely new technology, our current challenge is to continue to improve the yield rate of the shutter manufacturing process."


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