Mr. Anpanman, cartoonist Takashi Yanase, passed away


Takashi Yanase, who is well-known as the cartoonist of the "Anpanman" series, passed away at the age of 93 on October 13.

He started the Anpanman series, which later became beloved by people of all generations, in a magazine for children in 1974, and its TV series started in 1988, which marked its 25 year anniversary this year.

Anpanman is a super hero. His face is made out of anpan which means a bread roll filled with sweet red bean paste in Japanese. Anpanman always shares a piece of his face to people who are hungry.

Takashi Yanase wanted to tell kids what justice means through Anpanman's actions. For him, justice means offering a helping hand to vulnerable people.

He taught a lot about sharing. The Anpanman series and the characters will remain lovable by people of all ages.

Main photo by Mynavi