Toshiba REGZA Dancer is Really Serious about 4K (VIDEO)

Toshiba REGZA Super Serious -

Unflinching Dedication to High-Def
Okay, so be forewarned that this isn't really news, we just want you to watch this video because it's funny how serious this CEATEC spokesdancer was about Toshiba 4K TVs. She was unshakable. Like a rock. She believed in the power of TV with resolution that's beyond the perceptive capability of the human eye!

Watch the video. Grinning, at the very least, is guaranteed.*And if you really want to find stuff out about Toshiba's Impossible-Def REGZA CEVO 4K TV (like what all those acronyms mean, for example), check out our coverage from earlier this year. All the numbers and stats and specs you could ever want:

Toshiba – “REGZA Z8X” series – 4K and Japanese next-generation TV platform “Hybridcast” compliant LCD TV

That article's full of useful information, but it's not like, you know, spooky funny serious. You can't win all the time.

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*But not really