Rock band "KISS" super spicy steamed buns


This year is the world-class legendary rock band KISS's 40th anniversary and they are coming to Japan this month! To celebrate that, Japanese convenience store Circle K Sankus is going to start selling Kiss promotional steamed buns on October 15 for 128 yen each.

The black color of the steamed bun's outer layer comes from bamboo charcoal kneaded into the dough. The fillings include tomatoes, red pepper and habanero pepper to satisfy those who like spicy food.

It seems very spicy… And they say if you eat it, "you might blow fire like Gene Simmons!!"

There are 5 different designs for the paper mats (paper under the steamed bun) based on the KISS members' make-up - 1 for each member plus 1 of the 4 members together.