See-through projection display with over 80% transmittance levels under development


Pioneer is currently developing a see-through projection system, which projects an image from behind onto a transmissive transparent display.

The brightness and transmittance levels are higher than when using a transmissive LCD panel, and Pioneer expects it to be used as a new form of digital signage in storefront windows, combining video projection with traditional window dressing.

"This is the first time we have shown this display to the public, but we have been developing this unique screen which incorporates our original technology. On this screen the black area is transparent. So this means when there are black areas in the projection, the products in the window behind the projection can be seen. We think this can be used to incorporate video in spaces where it hasn't been possible before."

"When compared to previous transparent displays, the light transmittance of the transparent area is overwhelmingly higher. The transmittance level is now more than 80%. We have also been able to make the brightness levels much higher than in previous transparent displays."

"As this technology is still under development, we haven't formally decided on when it will be commercialized. In terms of applications, as well as for digital signage in shop windows like this, we are also thinking about using it in vehicles in the future."