Special color editions of "Roomba 780" available ONLY in Japan


The high-end model of iRobot's cleaning robot "Roomba 780" will be available in 5 limited edition colors ONLY in Japan, starting October 28. It will be sold only on the official website and they are currently accepting advance orders.

Color variations are Champagne Gold, Cardinal Red, Passion Pink, Turquoise Blue, and Lavender. 100 units are available for each color.

Price: ¥79,800

The Roomba and other such cleaning machines were featured earlier this year in AkihabaraNews' Japanese Robots series. iRobot, the American firm behind these fancy new colored Roombas, holds more than 75% of the Japanese market. Click through for the backstory on how that came to be, and what Japan's doing to get back into the robotic vacuum cleaner game: Japanese Robots: The Seemingly Least Cool Robotics Story of July is a Must-Read!