Sony - Note PC "VAIO Fit A" series that changes shape in 3 ways


One of Sony's most remarkable new products for 2013 Autumn and Winter is the notebook PC "VAIO Fit A" series.

It features a multi-flip hinge located at the middle of the top of the panel. By rotating the panel center around the hinge, it can be used in 3 ways: "Keyboard mode" when you want to use it just as a regular notebook PC, "View mode" that allows the screen to face toward other people, for example when you give a presentation, and "Tablet mode".



There are 3 model sizes:

VAIO Fit 13A (13.3 inch)
Estimated price: About ¥170,000

VAIO Fit 14A (14 inch)
Estimated price: About ¥140,000

VAIO Fit 15A (15.5 inch)
Estimated price: About ¥165,000