Sony - 9.9mm ultra-thin 11.6 inch tablet "VAIO Tap 11"

"VAIO Tap 11" is a 9.9mm ultra-thin 11.6 inch Windows tablet featuring the "OmniBalance design" found in the "Xperia" series. It will be released from Sony on November 1st.

In this thin body, there are full PC functionalities such as 4th generation intel Core processor, touch/digitizer pen functionality, full HD display (1,920×1,080 dots), high-performance camera, and a built-in stand to allow it to stand on its own, etc.

The keyboard attaches via a magnet and with the keyboard attached and closed, it's still only 14mm thin. You can bring "VAIO Tap 11" with you anywhere with the closed keyboard protecting its screen.

Estimated price: ¥170,000
Size: 304.6×188×9.9mm
Weight: 780g (1.1kg with a stand)