Ricoh Imaging - New Low-pass Selector built-in flagship model "PENTAX K-3"


Ricoh Imaging is going to release "PENTAX K-3" in early November as the flagship model of their digital single-lens reflex camera "K" series.

"PENTAX K-3" features a newly developed "Low-pass Selector", which is capable of eliminating moire effect (works similar to optical low-pass filter) by making the image sensor unit drive in infinitesimally small increments (by sub-pixels) during exposure.

A low-pass filter allows for high-resolution, which is its biggest advantage, however, it triggers moire and false colors. So, Ricoh Imaging created a camera that has the equivalent functionality of a low-pass filter, without the low-pass filter (using the "Low-pass Selector").

Some other specs of the "PENTAX K-3":  APS-C CMOS image censor (24 million effective pixels), IPS 51200, 27-point AF, maximum 8.3 fps, high-performance exposure control, cold resistance etc…

PENTAX K-3 (Only the body)
Price: About ¥150,000
Release date: Early November

PENTAX K-3 18-135WR Lens Kit
Price: About ¥200,000
Release date: Early November

In addition to the original black color, a limited edition of only 2,000 silver color models will be out all over the world. It was designed to be used with the silver model of their "Limited" series lenses. It comes with a leather-like original strap and extra battery.

PENTAX K-3 Premium Silver Edition
Price: About ¥180,000
Release date: Late November