The Ladies & Gentlemen of CEATEC 2013! (GALLERY)

The Ladies & Gentlemen of CEATEC 2013 -

A long, long time ago the proverbial Mad Men realized that, no matter what you sell, propping up a pretty human being next to the product moves the product. Now, of course AkihabaraNews has no problem with that marketing scheme in and of itself, we just wanna be like, you know, balanced. So... we tried!

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A Gender-Inclusive Gallery of Spokesmodels (is not easy to make)
It took almost zero time for internet marketers to realize a digital analog to the live, in-person spokesmodel paradigm; obviously, images of pretty humans on websites, particularly pretty females, attract a particular demographic most likely to visit a tech site. As such, even at the most sober and serious outlets, there's something of an obligation to eventually adopt the “Girls of Tradeshow A or Expo B” posting cycle. We do it, too - right here: Tokyo Game Show Girls Set #1, and Set #2 (all taken by a female editor because we're madd progressive, yo).

Now, again there isn’t anything intrinsically wrong with galleries of tradeshow girls; attractive people are attractive because they’re attractive, and if it weren’t for human beings finding other human beings attractive and making babies with them, there’d be no internet, man.

We firmly believe that negatively judging those who appreciate beauty and the human body is an ugly, sociopathic, species-level form self-loathing, but still we wanted to do a bit of culture jamming at CEATEC: We wanted to get photos of the guys, too.

It wasn't easy. Some saw the humor in it, and were willing; many saw the humor in it, but were not.

We Tried - the Gentlemen Lacked Enthusiasm
Okay, so it turned out we could only only get a handful of gentlemen into the gallery, but they’re well worth it; handsome, geeky, smiley, nervous, even one who was so ferociously disinterested that his scowl actually drags the other guy down. So, we've both guys and girls, but yeah - mostly girls. And we're very comfortable with that.

Oh, we also got the coffee shop ladies.
And they do kinda steal the show. You’ll see.

Click through for the Ladies & Gentlemen of CEATEC 2013:

Ladies & Gentlemen of CEATEC 2013 -

Ladies and Gentlemen of CEATEC 2013

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Images: Stephen Karnas, Reno J. Tibke -


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