CEATEC 2013 Wrap Up: the Biggest Booths from the Biggest Names (GALLERY)

CEATEC 2013 - Biggest Players Gallery - AkihabaraNews.com

CEATEC 2013 went dark on Saturday; exhibitors packed up, fans both mainstream and ultra-dorky moved on, and now it’s nothing but cleanup and write-up. Of course, some had more to pack up than others, and this gallery is dedicated to them: Here are the biggest footprints of all.

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Time to File Away the CEATEC Press Pass. But First...
Journalists both mainstream and geekier-than-average have by now picked through, photographed, dissected, and shared around the world all varieties of CEATEC 2013 facts and opinions and analyses. It’s been good, but the heady work is finished, and it’s time to move on. In that spirit, AkihabaraNews is going to put a nice, tidy, easily digestible visual bow on our coverage.

Maybe You Know Them, Maybe You Don’t: the Huge Players in Images
Though we loved the small teams, tiny firms, and scrappy upstarts amongst the powerhouses at this year’s show - like Terra Motors and their all-electric, iPhone-enabled commuter scooter (you’ll definitely hear more from on us on that local startup) - we also loved seeing how the world’s biggest names carnivalized their square footage at the huge Makuhari Messe convention center.

These tech giants do not want for marketing budgets, so the real estate they occupy, the accompanying displays, and the often obnoxious spectacle they present - some of it does impress.

Click through to see how the big boys and girls throw down at CEATEC:

CEATEC 2013 - Biggest Players Gallery - AkihabaraNews.com

CEATEC 2013 - The Big Booths of the Big Names

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Images: Stephen Karnas & Reno J. Tibke - AkihabaraNews.com