Green House - "kana Watch" - smart watch look-alike digital audio player


Green House recently released the currently-much-talked-about smart watch look-alike digital audio player - called "kana Watch".

"kana Watch" is a 1.5 inch touch panel and 8GB memory built-in digital audio player. By using the accompanying wristwatch band and clip as the situation demands, you can use it as either a smart watch or iPod shuffle look-alike MP3 device. It doesn't only play MP3 or WMA audio files, "kana Watch" also shows time and calendar, plays FM radio, works as a timer and recorder, etc.

After 2 hours charging by USB, it can run for a maximum of 7 hours.

Price: ¥4,980
Color: black, white, pink, blue and green
Size: W37×D12×H42
Weight: 18g