Honda Motor Europe - ASIMO was promoting science in Slovakia - Honda Motor Europe - ASIMO was promoting science in Slovakia

ASIMO is back again.  He has traveled to Bratislava, Slovakia to attend European Researchers' Night to help give inspiration to the country's next generation of scientists and engineers.

It is ASIMO's first visit to the central European country and the fourth time Honda Motor Europe has supported the European Commission’s pan-European initiative.  The purpose of this initiative is to promote the role of science and researchers and what they do for society. 
In Old Market Hall, a crowd of families and young children gathered for ASIMO's appearance.  To help people get a good view, giant screens were installed helping to share with as wide an audience as possible the four performances that were held throughout the day. 
The Slovak Organization for Research and Development Activities invited ASIMO to the event which featured a key speech by one of Slovakia’s leading artificial intelligence experts, Professor Peter Sinčák from the Technical University of Kosice.
ASIMO's appearance was part of a set of events including hands-on experiments, science shows, learning activities for children and guided visits of research labs, held in Bratislava and four other cities in the country. 
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