au by KDDI - 2013 Winter line-up for "au +1 collection"


At au's 2013 winter product rollout on October 2nd, 6 new smartphones were unveiled and its CEO Takashi Tanaka explained the reason why they decided to have so many smartphone options: "Our previous season's rollout didn't give customers the freedom of choice".

And, along with hope for more smartphone use by their customers, they announced a lot of accessories and devices to help their customers maximize their smartphone experience. You can buy some of the world's most talked-about devices at au as well.

- Pocket Photo (LG)
With the smartphone-sized mobile photo printer "Pocket Photo", you can take a photo with your smartphone and print it out right away, anytime, anywhere. To get started using it, install a free dedicated application called “Pocket photo” to a bluetooth compliant smartphone. With this app installed, when you take a photo with your smartphone, you can edit or decorate it with functions on the app and then press “Print” on the smartphone display. The print job is sent wirelessly, and 45 seconds later, it is printed out.

- Cyber-shot DSC-QX10 (Sony)
"DSC-QX10" looks like an interchangeable lens and was designed for use with smartphones. It has a shutter button, memory card slot, battery, etc. built-in along the side. It can be attached on the back side of a smartphone with the accompanying attachment and you can take photos, using the smartphone's screen. Since the lens camera itself works as a camera, you can use it by itself, closer to the subject, without attaching the camera and smartphone.

- GALAXY Gear (Samsung)
"GALAXY Gear" is a smart watch that looks like a very thin smartphone attached to a wristwatch belt. You can take photos, and receive messages and calls and talk handsfree by pairing up with a smartphone. You can even access the application store and purchase applications.

- Sony Wireless Speaker SRS-BTS50 (Sony)
The waterproof "SRS-BTS50" is the perfect portable speaker for use in active occasions. Fabric is used for the exterior material. You can indeed carry "SRS-BTS50" around in the drink holder of your backpack or hang it from your backpack with the built-in hook. Because of the soft exterior material, it will not make or get a scratch with other belongings. It has a 2ch full-range speaker (amplifier 2.5W+2.5W) with a passive radiator. You can take on 2 different sound modes based on the situation. When you use it by yourself, select "Normal Mode". When you use it outside or with other people, select "Surround Mode" so that the sound reaches everyone in the area.

Other than these items, more devices and dedicated accessories for each new smartphone will be available from the end of October until the end of November.