au by KDDI - 2013 winter rollout - more products than expected were introduced - au by KDDI - 2013 winter rollout

au by KDDI had its 2013 winter product rollout on October 2, 2013, at Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

The presentation by au's CEO Takashi Tanaka began with the accident that his remote control for his presentation didn't work. It was an ominous beginning as au had run into a few network failure issues throughout the year but Mr. Tanaka took it in stride and joked that he hoped it would be the last failure this year.

He unveiled 6 new smartphones, a tablet, 2 mobile phones, and other devices such as a mobile router and accessories. All 6 smartphones are compatible with the "800MHz Platinum Band" that the company has been touting. CEO Takashi Tanaka described 800MHz as "an electric wave that tags along with you" and said that au has plans in the near future to expand the area covered by 800MHz.

As guests, popular actresses Ayame Goriki and Haruka Igawa came out. They emphasized how fast and easy 800MHz makes smartphones connect and their presence added grace to the event. Pop singer Kyari Pamyu Pamyu couldn't make it to the event but she appeared on the screen to show au's new TV commercial where she performs her new song.

Here are the 6 models of new smartphones:

isai LGL22 (LG/KDDI)

It's a smartphone jointly-developed by LG and KDDI, with 5.2 inch full HD LCD display featuring LG's IPS panel. One of the most interesting poins of this model is something called "isai Screen". If you flick the screen left to right, the latest information for different categories such as news, SNS and movies will show up, and if you flick it up and down, you can view each timeline. "isai Screen" enables you to check the latest news without activating applications.

- 5.2 inch Full HD IPS display
- Release date: late November 2013
- Color: blue, aqua, white, black
- Size: W72xH144xD9.1mm, Weight: 145g
- Battery: 2,500mAh

Xperia Z1 (Sony)

This new Xperia features a 5.0 inch full HD TRILUMINOS display, the best 20.7M camera, and 1/2.3 image sensor that is as big as a compact digital camera.

- 5.0 inch full HD TRILUMINOUS display
- Release date: late October 2013
- Color: white, black, purple
- Size: W72xH144xD8.5mm, Weight: 171g
- Battery: 3,000mAh


It has a full HD IGZO display and is compatible with 16.3M camera and full-seg. The interesting feature is "Grip Magic" that turn on the smartphone just by gripping the frame, so when you take the smartphone out of your pocket, it's already available for you to use.

- 4.8 inch full HD IGZO disply
- Release date: late November 2013
- Color: black, white, blue
- Size: W70xH140xD9.2mm, Weight: 146g
- Battery: 3,000mAH

ARROWS Z (Fujitsu)

A 10 minute charge makes the smartphone run for a day, and when it's fully charged it can run for 3 days. It allows for two-way (LTE or 3G and Wi-Fi) simultaneous communication. It features "Crystal Design" that makes it look more "high-class".

DIGNO M (Kyocera)

It weights only 135g, which is the smallest waterproof 5 inch smartphone in Japan. It supports "Smart Sonic Receiver" to allow you to hear the voice of the person you are talking to even if you are in a loud area.

- 5.0inch full HD TFT display
- Release date: late November 2013
- Color: white, blue, pink
- Size: W69xH138xD9.9mm, Weight: 135g
- Battery: 2,600mAh

GALAXY Note 3 (Samsung)

It's a phablet with 5.7 inch display, and comes with a stylus pen. You can make a phone call using a handwritten telephone number or search a place with a map application using a handwritten name of the place or address, etc. Also, the "Scrap Book" function is interesting. You can cut a piece of a webpage or a photo, paste it on the board and save it. According to CEO Takashi Tanaka, this model is pretty popular among 20s-30s females in Korea and he expects that the phablet will gain popularity in Japan as well.

- 5.7 inch full HD Organic EL display
- Release date: late October 2013
- Color: classic white, jet black
- Size: W79xH151xD8.3mm, Weight: 171g
- Battery: 3,200mAh

We are going to introduce more devices later... Meanwhile please check more photos from the event!