Fujitsu - QR Code Coupons and Information Real-Time from your TV - Fujitsu - QR Code Coupons and Information Real-Time from your TV

At CEATEC JAPAN 2013, Fujitsu is demonstrating a new application of technology that allows users to receive embedded information in real-time from TV programs via a tablet or smartphone.

In this application of QR code technology, information can be embedded into live streaming video as well as recorded video, and the technology is transmittable through any regular TV and smart device.  This is not technology only available through specialized hardware - it works on existing hardware.
How it works is points of light that are imperceptible to the human eye are embedded in the video or programming.  Subtly manipulating the number of these lights and their overall brightness allows different data to be transmitted.
With this technology, viewers can get special coupons, make reservations directly by using promotional campaign information from the show, receive extra details, make purchases, etc.
In the demonstration, there were 2 side-by-side identical looking videos.  The video on the left did not have this technology.  The video on the right had it.  Placing the smartphone QR code reader over the video on the right side accessed the data and pulled up a coupon related to the content.
The demonstration showed the technology to be smooth and seamless and Fujitsu says that this technology will pave the way for further convenience and synergy between electronic devices.