Yamaha - High-res compliant receiver and speaker package

Akihabaranews.com - Yamaha - High-res compliant receiver CRX-N560 and speaker NS-BP182 package


Yamaha is going to release a new receiver "CRX-N560"(¥63,000) and new speaker "NS-BP182" (¥18,900) designed to be used together as a package. Release date is early November. 
"CRX-N560" is a desktop audio system that includes CD player, FM tuner, and stereo amplifier and it can play high-resolution audio. It has DLNA 1.5 standard network audio built-in and plays WAV/FLAC (up to 192kHz/24bit). AirPlay and internet radio are supported. With installed application "NETWORK PLAYER CONTROLLER", you can use your smartphone or tablet as the remote control. 2 colors are available: silver and black.
"NS-BP182" is a 2-Way bass reflex type bookshelf speaker with 30mm dome tweeter, 10mm cone woofer, and 6Ω impedance. Yamaha will offer it in 2 colors: piano black and brown.