Casio - Oceanus Manta Watch Series - New Releases - Casio Oceanus Manta Watch Series

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced that it will release new OCEANUS watches, “OCW-S3000” and “OCW-S3001”, from its premium “OCEANUS Manta” series on October 31. 

OCEANUS watches are solar-powered, radio-controlled chronograph watches with elegantly designed full-metal cases embodying the OCEANUS brand concept of “Elegance and Technology. 
The new models are capable of performing three functions simultaneously: local time, world time, and a stopwatch feature.
The new OCEANUS “OCW-S3000” and “OCW-S3001” include the following features:
  • Newly-developed module equipped with six motors thanks to the minimization of motors
  • The increased number of motors gives better functionality and precision to its hands
  • A new highly efficient solar panel design
  • The light titanium case using dual curve sapphire glass with a non-glare coating on both sides that helps emphasize the beauty of the face design
The new models will be priced between 160,000 and 180,000 yen (before tax).
Dimensions: 47.6×42.7×11.8 mm
Weight: 90g