audio-technica - 5 new headphone models from their "S" series


From audio-technica's headphone "S" series, 5 new models will be out on October 18.

It's a Bluetooth compliant overhead type headphone with a φ40mm driver. It comes with a detachable cord that has a controller & microphone for smartphones. A maximum of 8 devices can be paired up at the same time.

Price: Open price
Color: Black

It has a φ40mm driver featuring a strong magnet for good frequency response. High quality aluminum parts are used for the housing part, which give the headphone a fashionable look.

Price: ¥5,040
Color: Black, Navy

It offers a variety of color choices: available colors are black, khaki, navy, pink, and white.

Price: ¥3,675

ATH-S100, ATH-S100iS (for smartphones)
These compact & light models have φ36mm drivers. "ATH-S100iS" has a condenser microphone built-in for smartphone phone calls.

Price: Open price
Color: Black, Black Green, Black, Black Pink, White