Panasonic - DMR-BZT9600 - DIGA BD recorder premium model


Panasonic is going to release HDMI2.0 compliant DIGA BD recorder flagship model "DMR-BZT9600" with 3TB HDD on November 20. The estimate price is about ¥400,000.

It is compatible with maximum 4K/60p/36bit. BD, DVD or recorded programs can be unconverted to 4K/60p/36bit/4:2:2 or 4K/24p/36bit/4:4:4 as well. It supports "Master Grade Vide Coding (MGVC)" software that includes Studio Ghibli's masterpieces that are already sold.

It offers 7 image quality modes that you can choose depending on what you are watching: Standard, Cinema, Animation, Live, High-resolution, High-resolution Cinema, and Retro Cinema.