KFC - Deep-fried chicken & rice ball lunch set is out

KFC - Deep-fried chicken & rice ball lunch set is out


Today, KFC Japan released their first Japanese "Teishoku" style combo - a sort of lunch set or bento set in Japanese - It's sold in sets with their new flavored fried chicken, a rice ball and chicken soup.

The fried chicken series is called "Fuwa Fuwa Goromo no Agedashi Chicken", which is chicken covered with a light and fluffy coating. A special sauce made from konbu (kind of seaweed) soup stock and bonito fish with a bit of a kick of red pepper, and the sauce is soaked into the coating well.  

As side menus, KFC Japan also released "Toridashi Onigiri" (¥130) that is a rice ball cooked with a chicken stock soup and "Toridashi Soup" (¥160) that is a chicken soup.

In Japanese cuisine, there is a soy sauce flavored fried chicken dish called "Kara-age". It's one of the most popular Japanese food here and we eat it with rice.  In Japan, chicken goes best with rice, however, nobody really expected that America-born-KFC will start selling the rice combo.

The teishoku combo is ¥500, and the one with extra original flavored fried chicken is ¥690.