Bedside Flushable Toilet from Toto

Akihabaranews - Diginfo - Toto bedside flushable toilet

Toto has developed a Bedside Flushable Toilet, for use by people who are disabled, elderly or infirm.

With the development of this product, it's possible for flushable toilets to be put exactly where they are needed, independent of the layout of the building. Because the toilet is not fixed in place, it can be moved in line with the needs of the user, reducing the workload of caregivers and giving more independence to people who need care.

"First of all, this can be used like an ordinary toilet. It also has a bidet capability. The toilet is flushed by pressing this button. This unit at the back macerates the waste, and pumps it away to a tank."

"Macerating the waste makes it possible to use a smaller drainpipe. Previous pipes were 75-100 mm wide, and they had to be angled downward. But this toilet can use a pipe 20 mm wide, with no gradient. It can be installed easily, even in spaces where pipes wouldn't fit before."

This product was developed as an alternative to portable toilets that use buckets. Because it's flushable and plumbed, no clean-up is required after use. It also comes equipped with a deodorizer.

"I've heard people say that dealing with toilet buckets every day is quite a chore. I've also heard of people who need care skipping meals and not drinking much, because they're reluctant to use that kind of toilet. But this toilet eliminates those issues. So, we hope it will make life much smoother for people who give and receive care at home."

"The price, including tax, is 554,000 yen (~US$5,580). This product is for use in both homes and care facilities."

International Homecare & Rehabilitation Exhibition 2013