Tokyo Game Show 2013 - On the Ground at Gaming's Premiere Event

Tokyo Game Show 2013 - On the Ground at Gaming's Premiere Event

The world's largest game exhibition "Tokyo Game Show 2013", is now taking place at Makuhari Messe in Chiba and the AkihabaraNews team was there yesterday on Press Day taking in the excitement and getting some hands on experience with many new games.

This year's theme is "Game wa shinka shitsuzukeru" meaning "Games keep on evolving" and that was absolutely the case, with graphics that just keep getting more lifelike, and interaction and complexity that amazes, punctuated by Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto V which had its own pavilion. There were 352 companies and organizations, including 162 from outside of Japan, from 33 countries joining the exhibition this year, making the number of participant companies a record-high.

The highlights, in addition to Rockstar Games, included Sony Computer Entertainment's PS4 and Microsoft's Xbox One that are scheduled to be out later this year (next year in Japan). People were lined up at these pavilions to take advantages of these rare sneak preview opportunities. The lines were long and the buzz palpable even though it was still only Press Day.

Each company did a great job in welcoming gamers with gorgeous girls in each company's uniform or cosplay outfit.

"Tokyo Game Show 2013" will be held through the weekend until September 22 and will be open for general admission. Anyone in Tokyo should go and check out the spectacle.

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