Fujiiryoki - Futon-type massager


Those who have been to an electronics store in Japan might have seen high-end massage chairs arranged in rows and people stay on the massage chairs for hours. Obviously people here care about massage a lot.

Fujiiryoki, which is well-known as a manufacturer of health and beauty appliances, especially massage chairs, is going to release a futon-type massager. Lay down and then the massager will give you a nice massage and stretch your body.

You can select a long massage mode out of 3 kinds: Recovery mode, Stretch mode, and Before-bedtime mode. Of course, you can also focus on a specific area such as calves and neck, to give a massage only to that area.

There are 2 models out on September 20. "DF-523" has 15 airbags built-in plus 4 airbags just for the neck area. Also, "DF-523" supports the electricity therapy function that generates negative electric potential that works for stiff shoulders or poor sleeping. "DF-323" has 13 airbags built-in.

Price: ¥350,000
Size: 950x80x2000mm
Weight: 15kg

Price: ¥300,000
Size: 950x80x2000mm
Weight: 14kg

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