Elecom - Tablet holder to use tablets as a car navigation system

Elecom - Tablet holder to use it as a car navigation system


The map applications in tablets and smartphones are very useful for finding our way to get to a destination without installing a car navigation system in the car. The only downside of using a tablet or smartphone is that there is no place to hold it, and it's not safe to drive holding it with one hand.

So to address this problem, Elecom is going to release the car tablet holder to help people use their tablet as a car navigation system - it will be released in late September. They already have holders for smartphones but this is their first dashboard tablet holder.

With the powerful gel sucker, it can hold on to the dashboard firmly. High-temperature resin is used as the material in the holder to protect it from heat when you use it for a long time or by getting strong sunlight through the windshield.

Height and angle are adjustable.

"CAR-DSTB3"(¥8,872) is for a 7-7.9 inch tablet and "CAR-DSTB4"(¥8,872) is for an 8-10.6 inch tablet.

This can be ordered through our affiliate partner here.