Casio - RANGEMAN GW-9400 - Helps you to survive in extreme situations

Casio - RANGEMAN GW-9400 - Helps you to survive in extreme situations


Casio is going to release the new G-Shock "RANGEMAN GW-9400" on September 21. It has the "Triple sensor" that measures azimuth direction, atmosphere pressure/altitude, and temperature for the first time in the G-Shock series.

"RANGEMAN GW-9400" was designed with extreme natural situations in mind, where survival is key. It is waterproof, rustproof, dustproof, and dirtproof. It helps you to make the right decisions by telling you data like weather or traveling direction extracted based on the triple sensor.

Black (No reverse LCD) and khaki (Reverse LCD) models are ¥50,400, and black (Reverse LCD) is ¥52,500.

Size: 55.2 × 53.5 × 18.2mm
Weight: 93g



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