Sony - Fabric waterproof wireless portable speaker

Sony - Fabric waterproof wireless portable speaker


Sony's new NFC-enabled waterproof portable speaker "SRS-BTS50" is the perfect portable speaker for use in active occasions. The release date will be October 19.

Fabric is used for the exterior material so that at first sight it looks like a plastic bottle holder. You can indeed carry "SRS-BTS50" around in the drink holder of your backpack or hang it from your backpack with the built-in hook. Because of the soft exterior material, it will not make or get a scratch with other belongings.

It has a 2ch full-range speaker (amplifier 2.5W+2.5W) with a passive radiator. You can take on 2 different sound modes based on the situation. When you use it by yourself, select "Normal Mode". When you use it outside or with other people, select "Surround Mode" so that the sound reaches every one in the area.

Price: About ¥15,000
Size (WxLxD): 175mm×70mm×65mm
Weight: 400g
Color: Black, White, Pink, Blue, Red