Sony - Virtual Big-Screen Effect with any Smart Device Content

Sony - Virtual Big-Screen Effect with any Smart Device Content


Connect this head-mounted, virtual wide-screen viewer and view any contents on your smartphone or tablet, internet video, etc.  Regardless of your location, slip this viewer on and watch "cinema class content" anywhere.

Sony is releasing 2 models - HMZ-T3W and HMZ-T3.  Both are battery operated and the top HMZ-T3W model connects via WirelessHD.  You can also use your PlayStation 3 or Blu-Ray Disc player and with the HMZ-T3W model, you won't be bound by the length of the cable or be stuck in one room.

Sony says that they have furthered the evolution of video and audio by improving the ability to immerse oneself in both.  In video technology, they have worked on improving the expressiveness of tone and resolution, and they have shortened the video delay caused by the image processing.  There is also reduced blur of the image when viewing in a wide angle.

The acoustic technology utilises the use of "7.1ch VPT" (Virtualphones Technology), Sony's unique signal processing technology, to make the sound field more immersive.

Price: ¥100,000

Price: ¥80,000