Canon - New style video camera good for taking artistic active self-shots

Canon - New style video camera good for taking artistic active self-shots


Canon is going to release the new style digital video camera "iVIS mini" on September 17. You can set the "iVIS mini" on the floor and then it will take a creative self-shot while you dance or play music, etc.

"iVIS mini" has a wide angle lens: 170 degrees on the diagonal for still images, 160 degree on the diagonal for moving images. Also, it features a vari-angle LCD monitor and a tillable stand (max. 60 degree) at the bottom.   The image sensor is DIGIC DV 4.

Several favorable functions are employed for taking more artistic photos and videos. Mirror image mode, Flip vertical mode, Slow mode, Interval mode, Wi-Fi function, and a function that enables your smartphone to serve as the remote control of "iVIS mini".

Price: ¥29,980 (including tax)
Color: Black, White
Media: microSD card (1 slot)
Display: Touch panel LCD (2.3 inch, 230,000 dots)
Size: 76×22×96 mm
Weight: 160g (only body)





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Canon is releasing "Macro Ring Light MR-14EX II" for its EOS series for ¥80,000 on April 25.

It is an external strobe light that gives a flash light evenly to subjects and it's suitable for macro photography. There is a two-lamp light-emitting system. You have the option of emitting light from only a single lamp and you can control the light amount.

The guide number is 14 (ISO 100, m).

  • Weight: 450g
  • Battery: 4 size AA alkaline batteries or Ni-MH batteries


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It belongs to Canon's high-performance L lens series. It is an F4 wide lens covering the focal range 16-35mm. 3 aspheric lens elements including a glass-molded aspheric lens element are used. The lens construction consists of 16 elements in 12 groups.

During the upcoming summer vacation season for schools, Canon will hold Canon Kids Park 2014 and provide multiple events for kids to learn something related to cameras in an enjoyable way.