Little Bird Cafe - Parakeet-flavored ice cream ("inko ice")

Little Bird Cafe - Parakeet-flavored ice cream


In Japan, the animal-themed cafe boom is well known - watch and play with different types of animals while having a coffee. Cat cafes are the most common, with other notables, including dog cafes, rabbit cafes, reptile cafes, etc.

But the little bird cafe "Torimi cafe Poco no Mori" in Kobe has taken it to the next level with something VERY interesting on their food menu, and they have just started accepting orders online in response to fans of the menu.

They sell popular ice cream flavors - not chocolate or cheesecake - parakeet-flavored ice cream flavors!

According to their website, parakeets generate a special oil to protect their feathers when beautifying themselves and among parakeets lovers it's famous that the whiff of the oil is sweet, which is similar to the aroma of butter or nuts, and it's one of the reasons why parakeet lovers love parakeets.  Among bird lovers, the smell and taste of the birds comes through in the ice cream at the cafe.

There are 3 kinds of flavors and they include the actual cereal grains that each parakeet eats.

- Shell grass parakeet (includes several kinds of millets and dried fruits)
- Cockatiel (includes pumpkin and sun flower seeds and dried fruits)
- Java sparrow (includes several kinds of millets and marshmallows)

Regarding the shell grass parakeet and cockatiel flavors, the company boasts that you will have a "bird-like aftertaste" in your mouth, and parakeets lovers can appreciate this aftertaste. You can add a little bit more parakeet smell by sprinkling the accompanying special powder called "Inko" (meaning "parakeet") on top of the ice-cream.  Marshmallows are added to the java sparrow flavor to give the expression of the fluffiness of the java sparrow's feathers.