Casio - Photo & postcard printer - make original New Year postcards

Casio - Photo & postcard printer - make original New Year postcards


As westerners send Christmas or Hanukkah cards, we send postcards called "Nengajyo" as a greeting for the New Year in Japan.  Last year, 3.6 billion (with a B) "Nengajyo" were exchanged in Japan.  Lately, to make life easier, many people use a computer to prepare large amounts of Nengajyo. However, there are many people who are not good at using a computer and think sending Nengajyo can be a big hassle.

For those who feel it's too much of a bother to coordinate Nengajyo, we would like to introduce Casio's new model "PCP-2200" photo & postcard printer "Prin Sharu".

"Prin Sharu" is a product that allows you to make original postcards and print them or photos without connecting to a computer. Anyone can use it easily because it has a built-in easy-to-understand touch panel and speech guidance to assist you. Create your own original postcards by using the various postcard templates, options and stamps. And you can make special handwritten messages with the accompanying stylus pen.

Another trouble before sending postcards is to organize addresses. The new model "PCP-2200" saves many steps of adding addresses.  The name of prefectures, cities and towns shows up on the screen, so you just need to touch relevant address shown within the built-in system.

Price: Open price
Size: W263 x D164 x H158.5mm
Weight: Approx. 2.5kg
Display: 8 inch TFT color LCD (800x600 dots, 32,768 colors), touch panel