Takara Tomy Arts - "Good-Luck Watch" tells your fortune every 50 seconds

Takara Tomy Arts - Good-Luck Watch tells your fortune every 50 seconds


Takara Tomy Arts is going to release the "Good-Luck Watch" that tells you your fortune at the present moment by colors shown on the indicator ever 50 seconds. The product is supervised by one of the most popular fortune-tellers right now in Japan, Getters Iida, who is famous for being accurate.

On the top of the fortune indicator, a "G" mark will light up when good-luck comes to you.  You can forecast your friend's fortune or even two people's compatibility. "Good-luck Watch" could be something used to open a conversation.

Price: ¥2,079
Color: Red, White



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It's a 4cm tall miniature puppy-shaped toy called "Jyare Inu", which means snuggling puppies in Japanese.

4 different dog models are available: Chihuahua, Miniature Dachshund, Toy Poodle and Pug. They run and dance around, and if you get multiple of them, they will look like they are snuggling each other.

Each model comes with its lead, doghouse, a bowl for its food and a dog food box.

Price: ¥1,470
Battery: button cell x 1

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Toy company Takara Tomy is going to release a digital camera aimed at elementary school girls - Decora Palette - on August 7.

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