Tenjin Festival "Gal" - Mikoshi Audition

Tenjin Festival Gal Mikoshi Audition


Carrying of the portable shrine - called "Mikoshi" in Japanese - is one of the highlights of Japanese festivals (matsuri).  In most festivals, they are carried by the strongest men in the area, and it is an honor to carry them.  They put in a lot of energy and it is fun to watch.

For certain festivals however, the ladies get the job to carry the mikoshi.  The famous Tenjin Festival in Osaka is one of those exceptions. The Tenjin Festival is a major summer festival that showcases summer in Osaka and offers girls a chance to carry a big mikoshi on its major streets.

Captured on Youtube video and brought to you by AkihabaraNews is the mikoshi audition for this festival. 185 girls joined the audition this year, and they did a short performance in a costume and held up a 70kg carrying pole. Only the luckiest 80 girls were able to pass the audition and carry a mikoshi.

The video below shows lucky "mikoshi gals" in their "happi" coats, which is the Japanese festival uniform that looks like a half length kimono/yukata. All of them are so excited and look so proud of themselves with cries of "Wasshoi! Wasshoi!" (which can be loosely translated to "Heave ho!"). When you have a chance to see mikoshi next time, make sure you call out "Wasshoi!" :)