JVC - 4 different models from the elegant headphone series "esnsy"

JVC - 4 new models from the elegant headphone "esnsy" series


JVC Kenwood is going to release 4 kinds of headphones from their stereo headphone series "esnsy".

"esnsy" is JVC Kenwood's elegant-looking headphone brand that has been sold in Europe already.  Finally 4 models will be out in Japan:  Head band type "HA‐SR85S" and "HA‐SR75S", and inner ear sound-isolating type "HA‐FR65S" and "HA‐FX45S"

TypeDynamic typeDynamic typeDynamic typeDynamic type
Output Sound Level 102dB/1mW104dB/1mW100dB/1mW100dB/1mW
Frequency Band 8Hz~26000Hz8Hz~26000Hz6Hz~25000Hz7Hz~24000Hz
WeightAbout 305gAbout 137gAbout 6.2gAbout 3.4g


"HA‐SR85S", "HA‐SR75S", and "HA‐FR65S" have a remote control and microphone built-in the headphone housing, so that you can make handsfree calls and control your music player by using a smartphone.

HA-SR85S ¥14,800
HA-SR75S ¥11,800
HA-FR65S ¥5,980
HA-FX45S ¥3,980