Panasonic - "Gorilla Eye" SSD Car Navigation - GPS and Scenery Recording

Panasonic Gorilla Eye Car Navigation

The days of taking a drive and relying on fond memories to remember the scenery along the way are over.

Panasonic has announced the "Gorilla Eye" portable car navigation system (CN-GP737VD).  5 new models of the "Gorilla" system will be released sequentially beginning on September 20th of this year, with the "Gorilla Eye" model due out in the beginning of December.

Pansasonic has led the market in car navigation systems, due to its "positioning accuracy", "map readability" and "system usability", with 400 million units sold as of March 2013.

Now, with the Gorilla Eye drive camera model to be out, in addition to the advantages above, users can record the beautiful scenery they see around them as they use their system.

The navigation system features an automatic starter feature when the engine is started, a wide 7-inch VGA liquid crystal display with high resolution.  The GPS is "triple precision" allowing accurate positioning in places traditionally difficult such as under city buildings or mountain areas - thanks to collaboration with a satellite positioning system employed by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency of Japan (JAXA) - this is space exploration-grade navigation!

For the video, there is large-capacity 16GB SSD and it can be saved to a Micro SD memory card.