Panasonic - Suzuka Circuit - EVOLTA Battery-Powered Vehicle Time-Trial Competition

Panasonic - Suzuka Circuit - EVOLTA battery-powered vehicle time trial competition


The "2013 Ene-1 GP SUZUKA" next-generation electric energy car event was held on Sunday, August 4th at Suzuka Circuit, the famous international motor speedway, in Mie Prefecture.
It was sponsored by Land Mobility, Inc., owner of Suzuka Circuit, and Panasonic was an official partner of the event.
Panasonic promoted its "KV-40 Challenge" where cars were powered on 40 AA rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries - Panasonic's EVOLTA batteries.  In this challenge, teams were invited to independently produce single-seater electric vehicles, powered by EVOLTA batteries, and compete in the challenge.
Contestants were required to operate their vehicles in time-trials involving 3 laps around the 5.807 km circuit which features a maximum elevation disparity of 50 meters, operating solely on a single charge of the EVOLTA batteries.
75 teams from all over Japan participated, ranging from junior high school teams to serious hobbyists, with average speeds on the track reaching up to 60 km/hr, and it was noted that driving skill definitely played a large part in participant success.
The winner of the time trial was "Ahiru-Ecopa Racing Togo" team from Aichi Prefecture.
Panasonic said the takeaway was that the accomplishments of the participants illustrated the continued potential of next-generation battery and electric power, and their commitment to further development.