Nikon Expands Business in Health and Medical with Investment in Retina Institute Japan, K.K.

Nikon Business in Health and Medical Investment in Retina Institute Japan, K.K.

Nikon Corporation announced today that it signed an agreement to invest in Retina Institute Japan, K.K. (RIJ).

Under the agreement, Nikon will subscribe for 500 million yen worth of shares issued by RIJ.

Together, Nikon and RIJ will collaborate on developing practical uses of medical treatments for age-related macular degeneration.  RIJ has been working on the world's first case of regenerative medicine using iPS cell technology, utilizing Nikon's own core technology in optics and imaging.

An iPS cell (induced pluripotent stem cell) is and adult cell that has been reprogrammed to behave like and embryonic stem cell.

Regenerative medicine using iPS cell technology needs standardization of quality control and safety evaluation in the cell production process before the treatment can be applied to practical use. Nikon will utilize its own optical technologies and accumulated imaging know-how to address this challenge.

This deal further Nikon's goal to generate business in health and medical fields, stated in its Medium Term Management Plan, and hopes to further lay the groundwork for new business in this area.

RIJ is a venture nurtured by RIKEN, Japan's largest comprehensive research institution which performs research in a diverse range of scientific disciplines and encompasses a network of world-class research centers and institutes across Japan.