Let's Visit Tokyo! It's Summer Matsuri Season in Tokyo! - Ebisu Eki-Mae Bon Odori

 Let's Visit Tokyo - Ebisu eki-mae bon odori matsuri


It's one of those special traditions in Japan - the summer matsuri (festival).  There are so many kinds of matsuri and many ways to celebrate.
This matsuri, in Ebisu, is called the Ebisu eki-mae bon odori - The Ebisu station midsummer dance festival.  The focus is dancing, eating and drinking.
Watch as people gather to dance along with some traditional festival dancing, children eat and play, grown-ups drink.  Watch a little kid enjoys his favorite snack - tiny tako (octopus) on a skewer - and huge ika (squid) get grilled-up.
And as the night winds down, people dance along to the festival's theme song: Hey Mr. Ebisu!