Okay, Trask Industries, We're Infected - What's a Sentinel Robot? (VIDEO)

Okay, Trask Industries, We're Infected - What's a Sentinel Robot?

Taking a lesson from the very successful campaigns of films like District 9 and Prometheus, Twentieth Century Fox’s X-Men: Days of Future Past has hit the internets with a slick, sincere Trask Industries website. In the X-Men universe, Trask Industries makes 30ft/9m-tall robotic mutant hunters known as "Sentinels."

The site goes all meta by marketing the company in the film as a means of marketing the film; talking points, catchphrases, and corporate history deliver little nuggets of plot and, if sucessful, leave us wanting more. And yeah, we do. When robots are thrown into a viral marketing mix, we get infected pretty quickly.

Sure, most of AkihabaraNews’ robotics coverage leans toward the more real and practical and actually happening. In this case, we’re diving into the fiction because it’s being hinted that, as part of the marketing campaign, some actual giant robots or robot suits are going to be stomping around - something like that big purple guy down there.

Sentinel RobotWe’ll take a virus for some of that. Stay tuned.

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Images: Trask Industries, of Course